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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Time sometimes passes by really slowly during the agonizing busy times and real fast during those enjoyable moments esp during holiday trips.

I was lazing around this afternoon thinking about my life journey and how fast woodblock and me have proceeded from strangers to bf/gf and now to husband and wife and mabbe daddy/mommy next yr. The ever changing status of us from students to working adults have made me feel that the times that have passes by so far since graduation have been even more fast pace.
Sometimes I ponder if life is going too fast for me to breathe or am i just too caught up in my work and planning of my wedding and room deco that i hadn't had much personal time to myself to buy myself a great cup of coffee and escape to hide in some cafe reading my favourite detective novel like what i use to do during my school holidays as a student.
Therefore for my next coming end yr holiday I am making a resolution to do such a crazy thing again like what i used to and start going back to the cafe to enjoy what i do best - reading and drinking a cup of nice coffee with no interuptions from the outside world and find that little part of my life which I envious most back =)
It can be a little depressing to hear little bits of sad news here and there that happened to pple that i care may it be my close frens and family members recently. I hope everything will turn out better for everyone and of cos including me. Cyberworld can be deceptive but we have to acknowledge the fact no one is living without a single woe to our life. It is natural that humans always have the preference to forget about unhappy stuff and only remember and record the happy days of our life. This is something which I like in particular about human psychology as I feel that the more we hold on to things we dislike, the greater agony we are doing to put ourselves through.
Perhaps this is a good reason as to why I started keeping a blog despite being a lazy person. It is not easy for me to patiently upload all the pics slowly but whenever I do see happy msgs left on the tag boards and emails from btbs sharing how happy they are reading the wedding blog, I cant spell how glad i m that part of the joyous and blissful moments of my life have been shared. That might also be a good reason why I started reading other pple's wedding/food/craft blog as a newfound hobby in order to share a pie to the joy in all these happy experiences.

I seriously have no idea that I would enjoy planning wedding until I started planning my own one. It is so fun to take my own sweet time to source ideas and try it out. Now I fully understnad that why brides need time to plan a wedding because it is enjoyable! Of cos there will be times when we become stressed about crafting out that perfect wedding for ourselves but it is definitely worth the trouble.
I wonder what will be the next thing in life that i will discover my new found interest in? A know it all super mommy? lol

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