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Friday, June 26, 2009

Something best in the Uniiverse has just arrived!

Yep first thing you might be asking is what the hell is the something best in the universe. I hope that you habve not suffer from some memory deficient disorder yet becos woodblock jolly knows very well what is that with the constant reminder on his wallpaper lol

Yay the something best is actually the platform bed i have been yearning about a month ago!! Systemind personnel was pretty nice to me becos I told her I needed it urgently (actually not really =P) and she arrange for the deliver to be made within 2-3 weeks from when I ordered it.

TADA the overview! Yay with the new storage platform bed i can practically get rid of almost all the cupboards in my bedroom(of cos except my wardrobe)

Close up of the platform. The side steps were all use store daily use items like home clothes , socks, woodblock's notebook and ps2 and mine home clothes too. Even the smallest sqaure box at the corner is fully utilitise as storage compartment =) once the mattress is change to queen size(as now is king size) it will be prettier with more steps details and the side table can be placed horizontal along the wall giving more space =)
2 side tables were given by systemind.

One can be use for putting lamps etc stuff while the other table ..... guess where it is ???

haha yeshh! it is the little table that woodblock is using to play games on his notebook!
While I was packing, I came across the kawaii gift from ah li yrs ago when she went to malaysia for a holiday, thought it now complement that settings very well so I took it out to display =) sweet to the bits!

The opposite side of the bed is the remaining cupboard (which is actually empty but I am not sure where to move it to). And we will be getting rid of the tv at the end of the yr to a wall mounted lcd for more space saving solution =)

A surprise from Systemind!

A nice tea set to lounge around and say cheeers with woodblock with our new found spacious room!
Are you tempting to get something best in the universe today? lol

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