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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Trip down to Chinatown

Today had been a great day especially when I am spending with a sister friend. Even though it was quite a long time sitting in the saloon (esp when you are not allow to do much to ur hair like cutting and dying due to the wedding and work respectively) it can really kill you.

However, I did learn a new thing or 2 about hair cutting and hair dyes + highlights. What to do when I practically likes to learn everything that has to do with art. Of cos I try not to stare too hard at how the hair stylist cuts the hair in case qi thinks I am nuts lol

Anyway everything has its perks cos qi treated me to a very very yummy dessert!!
The popular dessert store in chinatown!
The dessert menu! I am thinking of bringing woodblock to try their mango ice as it seems super yummy esp when many other customers were ordering it.

I told qi that i wanted to take pics of the food so she waited patiently.
But after just one snap i started eating
Qi: Eh aren't you suppose to take pics of all the dishes?
Princess Christine: Yah. I finish liao
Qi: huh so fast?
Princess Christine: Of cos lah, i am so hungry just one snap will do , I am not a food blogger you know=P
Qi : Speechless (or was it some internal statements like "win liao loh")

Tada our yummy desserts!!!
I must thank qi for the treat cos the mango dessert was really yummier then the other ones i tried at other places.
The truth about why we 2gals were freaking tired was because qi had been strolling with me up and down chinatown becos i simply forgotte where I saw the fan that I wanted to buy. Now this fan is really super duper hard to find becos unlike the other type of fans which you can find selling in more than 1 shops in chinatown, this particular one is selling at only 1 store. Don't ask me why but it true becos days ago when i recce out the whole street taking note of the variety type of fans available, I only saw it once.
TADA! Here's the super chio black oriental vintage fan we comb the street (thrice for, yes no joke thrice cos it's so damn hard to find and i cant rem which store)

Now a super proud owner of the new fan
As a perk for my btbs reader, let me tell you the new lobang we saw at chinatown. Blissloft the shop which sells bed sheet sets is having a sale. 10% discount for the red colour ones($160 b4 discount)(chinese groom and bride pic), 40% discount for the 2-tone colour ones($160 b4 discount)(chinese groom and bride pic) and 50% discount for the western white one($200 plus b4 discount)(as in the prints are those western groom nd bride pic). so you may want to check it out if you are interested in it.
Their official url is not working. this is the only url i found its info so hope it helps with the address etc.
For me I din buy any yet cos I aren't sure what woodblock likes so I dont wanna make any rush decisions yet but den again i thought since i saw it so why not let others know about it?

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