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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Completion of the Sexy Cinderella Bridal Heel

Now it might strange that why I use the term Cinderella when the evening gown heels is neither transparent or disney princessy lol. However, how about a sexy gem claddd heels made by your beloved prince?

Yep as usual woodblock is very thoughtful. Once I came up with the plan and overview on how to decor the heel . woodblock has been helping me to tie the necklace to the heels while i pasted the gems on. With long nails, tying is like a crazy process and I hardly get it tied up neatly and tightly=(

So here's a DIY Bridal Heel made by my very own woodblock

The detailings are much neater and cleaner as compared to the draft pic i gave yesterday
I am so excited for work on the sticks for the masquerade masks tmr!


  1. hey babe! lovely heels. i been trying to find gems n crystals to add on to my heeels but i cant find..any idea where can i find?

  2. Hmm the collar crystal is actually made from ready made necklace which i manage to find from chinatown too. it is those shop which sells a combination of tourist souvenir etc and it is pasted everywhere in the shop as 3 for 10 bucks. but since it is a gem set it cost 2 sets for 10 bucks. as for the rest of the gems i just bought it directly from diaso(but i sawthat ini toons also sell it too). but for really bling crystals i read it from xiaxue's blg that you can get it from arab street i think =)

  3. lovely! thxs a lot for the info